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Gavin Mills November 15, 2019

Over the course of the past decade, Marvel has had a monopoly on the whole “comic book movie” concept with many movies getting generally positive feedback. But when people turn their heads to the DC cinematic universe, they see Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Batman v. Superman. Ew. DC fans have been aching for a movie to talk about, and I think that they finally have one. I think that “Joker” as a movie is great and here’s why:

You follow Arthur Fleck and his descent into sheer insanity. The audience is shown how Athur is constantly drug down by his misfortunes and how society mistreats him. The film makes viewers sympathize with Arthur because his life has gone so downhill, and over the course of the movie, that sympathy slowly turns into fear of what kind of person Arthur is becoming. Whilst the actions of Arthur is less than favorable in the movie, you can’t help but see where Arthur is coming from because the society that he and a lot of others live in, has given him nothing.

“Joker” is a beautiful film as well. The color palette is stunning, being bright and colorful to gloomy when it needs to be; not to mention the jaw-dropping soundtrack and bone chilling acting that makes this movie so great. There are very little criticisms here.

Overall, Joker is a phenomenal movie. Joaquin Phoenix, who plays Arthur, definitely deserves at least an Oscar nomination for his performance here, and he has become my favorite Joker ever. The ending is a little drawn out and at some points the violin used in the soundtrack might be a tad overused, but other than those small nit-picks, this movie is a rollercoaster ride that everyone needs to ride at least once. I’m going to give “Joker” an easy 9/10.