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Hailey Clubine February 1, 2022

Through this pandemic and time of uncertainty, music has been a massive part of the journey. For the predecessor to this article, I wrote about how music could help influence my mood, and how I had the time to actually make playlists that coordinated to my various moods. Whether I wanted to scream my head […]

admin January 31, 2022

Written Chanler Twedt & Alex Loew Major League Baseball (MLB) is experiencing its first work stoppage since the 1994-95 players strike. Anyone who follows baseball or sports in general, may not know what a lockout is or why MLB has currently halted any kind of baseball-related activity. Anything found on the world wide web may […]

Rachel Bennett September 24, 2021

Throughout COVID-19, I have watched more Netflix than ever, and so have around 7 million more people. In 2019, there were 67.6 million Netflix users in the US and Canada, and that number jumped to 74.38 in 2021. In other words, we’ve all gone through tons of shows. It’s frustrating to finish a series and […]

Hailey Clubine April 12, 2021

Welcome Adventurer, to a land of great myth and legend. Large beasts roam the lands of forest and plain: dragons, wolves, large beasts of combined animals like the winged lion/scorpion dubbed the Manticore. Beasts roam the seas and sky, taking countless lives for prey and wealth. However, there are those who are brave enough to […]

Hailey Clubine December 11, 2020

Music these days is different than before the pandemic hit. I know that my Spotify playlists have changed quite a bit, and I love all of the music that I’ve found during the pandemic. Songs by artists like Cosmo Sheldrake, Salem Ilese, and Grandson are some of my favorites. I probably would’ve not found those […]

Nick Ripa December 9, 2020

For those who celebrate Christmas, most spend some time during December watching the same movies every year. Though some of these movies become less entertaining each year, there are good ones for all types of viewers. After seeing “A Christmas Story” on loop for 12 hours every single year on Christmas day, I can no […]

Nick Ripa November 13, 2020

The year 2020 left its mark on just about everything and the entertainment industry was no exception. Whether it was a family-friendly animation or a superhero series, COVID-19 has pushed it back and has set up for an entertainment full 2021. The young movie-goers will be ready to drag their parents to the theatres to […]

Hailey Clubine November 2, 2020

Making books into visual films has been popular for quite some time, but there are some books that just don’t work out in the film industry. This is of no fault to the book itself or the author, or to the filmmakers doing their best. Some books just don’t translate. A prime example of this […]