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Edward Kivlahan February 28, 2018

In my opinion, it would be wise to begin a tradition of open mic nights at DMACC. The open mics I attend are full of energy and support, and they’re a great way to meet people with similar or completely different interests. With original music and evocative poetry, there is a collective experience of expression that I think would benefit DMACC.

I think a wise place to have the open mics would be in the courter center at 7pm every second Friday of the month. Assuming there would be a food provider at the time of the event, it would promote commerce there and on the flip-side give people a place to get dinner and be a part of the campus community. If it were open to the public, it would also inspire many students at the Boone High School to come and get to know the students at DMACC, thus making it more likely that they like this campus environment and choose DMACC for their first two years of college.

I think that wise parameters would be the standard rules of relatively family-friendly performance (minimal profanity, etc). A sign-up session to determine one’s preferred spot in the line-up should begin at about 6:30. Performances should be no longer than 5 minutes, and around 20 performers should be able to perform. This is for ensuring as many people the ability to present as possible. The event should conclude by around 9pm.

Anyone who has comments, feel free to contact me at I am open to input and I would like to help bring the campus together. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

Photo via Elk Brewing