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Ainsley Schuler April 27, 2018

Submission by Zach Boelter

Mark Benavides an attorney in San Diego could be facing up to ninety nine years in prison for forcing his clients into having sex with him in exchange for legal services. Not only was he having sex with them, but he was hurting them and recording the videos. During the trial one juror fainted while a video of Benavides was being show to the jurors of a young women screaming at Mark to stop and that he hurting her. It is still being investigated on how many women were involved.

            This awful story involving these women is very immoral because is treating these women as objects instead of human beings. He shows no respect towards any women and is using his job title to get them to do these acts for him in exchange for his service because these young women cannot afford an Attorney.

            What makes this so unethical and not ethical is that these women are agreeing to have sex with him for his service, but during the sex he has been reported to hurt them and not stop when they tell him to. Benavides also was recording the videos and keeping them as a trophy collection for himself doing this shows that he has no respect for these women or what happens to them, and he is just doing it completely out of selfishness. My opinion is this is one of the worst possible things a person could do because he showing no respect to these human beings, and is causing emotional and physical pain to people just for the benefit and satisfaction of himself.