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Ainsley Schuler April 27, 2018

Submission by Skyler Johnson

In my case study a woman made a complaint that the man that took care of her had violated her. Due to her health conditions, no one believed her. The facility took it so far that the woman was taken to the hospital to see what was wrong with her. She told the hospital what had happened and no one believed her there either. She was taken back to the facility the woman eventually moved out of the facility and then became homeless but now lives in a residence. Later on, the facility realized that the woman was not lying because there would be many more patients who had the same accusations. About a month after the first patient left the nursing home a month later a nurse made a phone call to the police station that a resident had reported a rape. A female resident claimed a nurse-aid had assaulted her. The woman who had made this accusation had told a nurse the day before who had told her that she would handle everything, but nothing was ever reported. The nurse who reported the incident was told not to report anything but she knew that the aid had been accused before and was determined to report it even if it meant losing her job. A day after this accusation was made the police sergeant was back at the center in a different woman’s room. The officer asked if there had been anyone else to say anything about the man and the nurse said yes and showed the woman to the officer the officer asked the woman if she knew the man the woman answered that she knew him and he had sexually assaulted her and that she had reported it to the head nurse and nothing was done about the statement.

With this story, there are many immoral things that happened. I think the thing that is the most immoral thing is that woman was being sexually assaulted by someone who she is supposed to trust and is supposed to take care of her. Another thing that is very immoral is that there were many cases of this man sexually assaulted them and nothing was ever reported for whatever reason. I think that the fact that the accused aid was working the next day after being accused was immoral of the company knowing that they were putting their patients in danger and at risk.

I think the way that the nurse that reported the rape did what she was supposed to do. I think that she knew what was right and just thought that it was the right thing to do. I think that the other nurses that knew about this and didn’t report this should be fired I think that it is a part of their job to report these things and it shouldn’t matter whether they believe the patient or not they should have to document that the patient reported that. I think that the man that did this should not only be fired and have his license stripped but he should also face something legally. I think that this whole case is disgusting and should never happen.

The nurse that reported the rape of the women used Deontological ethics. I believe this because the woman knew as her nurse it is her responsibility to report something like that. I believe that the nurse treated the patient with respect and dignity by reporting this. I not only think that this nurse did this for the patient that had reported it first but also for the other patients because she made it easy for other patients to know that they could feel comfortable reporting similar incidents to that nurse.