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Ainsley Schuler April 27, 2018

submission by Matthew Holtzbauer

Texas man was found guilty of charges for poaching a 19-point whitetail buck in Texas. He said he had shot the buck with a rifle in Oklahoma on public land, but in fact he had shot it on private property in Texas where the area was bow hunting only for deer. He was found guilty on charges of two misdemeanors, hunting without land owners consent and hunting from a vehicle. The judge sentence him for the next five years he will have to spend in jail on the weekends of deer season.

What this man was morally wrong, he did not have permission to hunt on the property that he shot the deer and he did it on a public road way from his vehicle. He knew what he was doing was wrong and still did it thinking he was going to get away with it. He was proud of what he did and was telling everyone how he shot the deer. Word got out quick and the game warden got word of it and investigated the story and found out what actually happened now he will not be hunting for a while.

I find what this man did is immoral, and the judge had the right sentence for him pay for what he did for poaching that deer. I am a hunter myself and I do not like people like this man representing the hunting community as he is ruining the good of the sport. There are many rightful and good hunters out there that have taken bad reputations because of this man and many other unlawful hunters out there.