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Xander Clubine February 12, 2019

SFor many college students, coffee is their lifeblood. It’s a wonderful pickup to get the day going, or something to enjoy for leisure or doing homework. Cafes and coffee shops do their best to give quality coffee and service. Banner staff members Ainsley Schuler, Micki Anderson, and myself (Xander Clubine) went out to some of Boone and Ames’s cafes/coffee shops to rate them based on 4 key factors: the quality of the coffee, the price, the variety of coffees on the menu, and the atmosphere of the shop.

First stop was The Livery Deli in Boone. The place is gorgeous, filled with warm colors and lighting that gave it a nice modern-rustic vibe. While we waited for our coffee, soft jazz played over the speakers, adding to the natural coffee shop aesthetic. The Livery offers many different roasts, and we ordered The Kenya Blend pour over. It had a nice bold flavor―delicious and strong. A perfect place to sit back, drink some coffee, and do work or simply hang out.

Our next stop was Boone’s Dutch Oven Bakery. It has a nice contrast to The Livery, being a lighter space and gearing their coffees more to latte lovers. We ordered their signature Dutch Mocha Latte, which certainly was a treat. It is a nice and friendly place to sit and chat with friends and/or family. With their array of baked goods, from their dutch pastries to more, this bakery makes for a nice space for coffee and a treat.

Travelling to Ames, we turned onto Duff Avenue and headed to Burgies, a popular coffee shop in Ames that actually has its own drive through. We ordered their recommendation: a vanilla latte. Served with flourish, we sat down and savoured the delicious coffee while enjoying the feel of the place. Looking around, we also noticed they received America’s Second Best Expreso, which is an impressive feat to be taste tested in the future. Overall, Burgies made for a lovely place to sit and work over a cup of coffee or chat with friends. Or, even to make friends, as our team of coffee connoisseurs discovered talking with ISU student Sydney Rosenboom.

The final place we went to was recommended by newfound friend Rosenboom: The Stomping Grounds. The place had a more casual-upscale vibe, but the warm dark space offered a nice calm tone to end the day. We ordered a latte, which seemed a little pricey for the small size, but the taste was well worth it. Leaning toward the strong side, it provided a nice final pick-me-up for the day.

Each coffee shop had their strengths, serving great coffee to their customers. If you would like to learn more for yourself, you can go visit their websites/pages.

The Livery:

Dutch Oven Bakery:


The Stomping Grounds (Facebook):