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Ainsley Schuler February 23, 2019

This past week I had a chance to go see The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Overall I believed it to be a good movie for kids and adults alike.

The movie follows the same characters in the first Lego Movie as they journey to protect their world and friendships from the new Lego Duplo invaders. The main character, Emmet, finds himself once again in a position where he has to test his abilities and values. Emmet in this film has to go on a journey to find who he wants to be and at the same time go on to save his friends from the invaders.

The character development in this movie impressed me. Emmet finds himself in several positions where he had to decide if he wanted to change himself for others or if he wanted to be who he truly is, which can be an important lesson for adults and children. We also find our other main characters in similar positions, including new characters that were brought in.

The plot was well written, since it was able to keep me entertained throughout the movie, without having any dull moments. There were some moments where the plot was fairly simplistic, but The Lego Movie 2 is generally directed towards children who may have a hard time grasping difficult or complex topics or plotlines.

This movie had a lot of new music entwined into the film. There were new songs, many of which I found comical and clever. Some of the songs in the movie, which was in some ways almost a musical, based off of original songs in the first film. There were some new songs though, with all of them generally falling in the current pop music genre.

The animation in the film was very well done. There were parts in the movie where I was able to pick up on the references to real life versus the lego world the film mainly takes place in. There were also some moments that I really enjoyed, such as one of the characters that changes form frequently. The animation was done so the film flowed smoothly.

Overall I felt like The Lego Movie 2 was very well done, with great music, acting, and a clever plotline that kept me entertained. While the movie is directed towards kids, the writers and directors did an impressive job at throwing in jokes and references for the parents and adults to enjoy at the same time.