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Micki Anderson April 24, 2020

Due to the pandemic that the world is going through, college is going through it as well. Classes have gone from in person to purely online, which some students are not use to. I personally had only taken one online course my first semester of DMACC, before this pandemic was even a consideration. I have been a dedicated student with a non-traditional outlook on the college experience, and I prefer in person classes because it helps me keep focus and I enjoy being involved in class discussions. 

So when everything went purely online, I was nervous at first. I didn’t know how to keep my motivation up during this time with dealing with the stresses of the quarantine all while also being pregnant. I was unsure at first, but I have found ways to keep my dedication to my schooling up by journaling.

I keep one small notebook that I write down my homework list for all five of my classes, my upcoming meetings, due dates, and anything else I want to use it for.  When in school, I tended to take a lot of notes during each of my classes which always helped me remember stuff I needed to know. So during this time I have been taking pre-notes before my school meetings via Zoom and Skype, which help me think on what is most important to talk about during those meetings. I decided to try these in a way where it was not a stick guideline, but a way to keep track of my daily schedule, which has helped me with keeping up good grades. 

This time has been difficult for many and I have my off days as well, therefore I find working ahead helpful for those days where I just do not feel up to it. I work on homework ahead of time and try to turn my assignments in early so that I have less to worry about all at once. Along with all of that, I found it uplifting to keep up my school spirit by joining in on the weekly SAC events they host on social media. 

One day things will be back to normal, but until then I will make the most out of each day and each sip of my morning coffee and along with that enjoying quality time with my cat Salem. We will get through this DMACC, together.