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Layk Nollen September 2, 2020

Meet our Executive Social Media Architect (Esma)!

Hello, peoples of the interwebs! My name is Hailey Clubine, I am 18 years old (I don’t know how I’ve lived this long), and I am a stereotypical shy and jumpy first year. I have varying interests ranging from comic books and D&D to Disney. I love reading and writing, and my taste in books/movies knows no bounds. I love lore of all kinds; generations of legends and the variety of different cultures around the world fascinate me. I still live at home, but I won’t be here for too long. I want to travel like no other and see the world. The only problem with that is lack of money so it’ll be a while before I am able to, but as a great person once said: “Adventure is out there!”.

Meet our Chief and Editor!

Hello, there! My name is Layk Nollen. I am from Ames, Iowa, but currently live in Roland. I’m twenty years old, and this is my second year at DMACC. Although everything is online, I am excited to see what this semester has to offer. I am currently working towards a Liberal Arts degree here at DMACC, in hopes that I will be able to transfer to the University of Iowa to study what I really enjoy, Anthropology.  My biggest passion and hobby right now is genealogy. I also enjoy watching documentaries, reading, and spending a lot of time with friends and family… over zoom, of course.  

Meet our Sports and News Writer!

Hello, I am Nick Ripa from LaVista, Nebraska (just south of Omaha). I am in the Liberal Arts program looking to achieve an associate degree in arts. I am playing baseball here at DMACC and hold interest in the whole world of sports. I am trying to improve my writing and reporting skills before moving on to a 4-year school where I can major in sports journalism. Outside of athletics, I enjoy watching movies and playing video games as well as hanging out with friends. Sometimes I spend my free time watching the food network and wishing I could be a judge on Iron Chef America, but for now, I’ll stick to making frozen pizzas.