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Layk Nollen October 23, 2020

Students, teachers, and faculty alike are still going through the stressful time of midterms. Studying, grading, and working at home can be a challenge. After all, distractions surround us. 

With that being said, we don’t have a lot of places to go to anymore. We’re not allowed to study in libraries or sit in cafes. Other places are either closed down or limiting their hours. Even parks and other recreational areas have changed their guidelines.

So . . . what about cemeteries?

Whether they are sets for horror movies or places to go ghost hunting, cemeteries conjure eerie thoughts to some. Especially during spooky season. But other people, like myself, don’t view them in such a negative way. I like to think of them as a celebration of life, as opposed to a reminder of death.

DMACC Student and former Banner News Photographer, Micki Anderson, had her own thoughts to share. 

“My experiences in cemeteries have been mostly positive. My favorite one to go to still is Vegors in Stratford, that is close to Boone. I enjoy going to Vegors the most because I feel a connection there and have since I was a teenager” she said.

As for my own experience, I am more familiar with the cemeteries in Boone. Linwood Cemetery was one of my favorite places to go last semester. Sometimes I went there to find a bench so I could catch up on some reading, and sometimes I walked along the trail. Whenever I left Linwood, I always left with a clear mind.

Vegors and Linwood are just a couple of examples. Cemeteries are everywhere, they might be right around the corner for some.

Whether we need to take a walk or find a quiet place to study, cemeteries offer an interesting way for us to get out of the house and take a breath of fresh air during these stressful times. 

Micki Anderson