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Layk Nollen November 18, 2020

With so much time on our hands, many people have been cleaning out that old closet, garage, and storage shed. Two questions usually arise when doing this, how did I get all of this stuff and what do I do with all of it?

I have asked this question myself many times before, and let me say that the first question isn’t so easily answered. However, there are a few ways to answer the second one. A very simple answer would be, donation.

My experience with clearing out my items and donating is a lot like many others. Spring cleaning comes along, and I find myself sorting through all of my stuff. Trying on old clothes, looking through all my books, etc. And I usually donate the things I no longer need. However, one thing about myself is that 80% of my wardrobe is donated. If I donate a few dress shirts that don’t fit anymore, I can just as easily walk into the store and pick up one that fits me better for a nice price.

Donating is more than just giving up something for free. A lot of local second-hand stores give back to their community. And now more than ever, small businesses, organizations, and communities need help.

Here are a few local, nonprofit organizations that are currently open and accepting donations.

Affordables, located in Story City, is a nonprofit organization where proceeds go to the Bethany Life Foundation which provides support for aging services that benefit the community. Staffed mostly by volunteers, the store not only sells a large variety of items but accepts a large variety of items as well. Donations are by appointment only, and masks are required. For store hours, phone number, and more information, please visit their Facebook page.

Overflow Thrift Store in Ames is another nonprofit organization where funds from donations go to various charities and other nonprofit organizations, such as Life to Life Africa and the Children’s Hope Chest. A list of items they are accepting can be found on their website. For more information, please visit their website.

Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa in Ames, a nonprofit organization, where a majority of donations and funds raised go to help to build homes and shelters for those in need. Anything from furniture, light fixtures, and power tools can be donated. Please visit their website for more information.

Whether it’s grandma’s vintage loveseat or that old bobblehead collection, one of these places will find a good home for well-loved and used belongings.