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Cyote Williams February 17, 2021

DMACC athletics is having an incredible start for sports this semester, with all currently participating teams being ranked nationally. For the first time in school history the DMACC bears are boasting SEVEN ranked teams simultaneously, and that deserves some recognition. 

When you think of college sports in the state of Iowa, DMACC is not typically in peoples’ original thoughts. You think of Iowa State basketball, or Iowa football, maybe even the Drake relays even if they don’t feature Drake (who is having an incredible basketball season of their own), but why not DMACC?

This of course is not to say that people don’t want to see DMACC succeed and by no means is this meant to slander fans of ISU or Iowa, it’s more a moment to appreciate the success that is being built here by Iowans, and why it should be celebrated by fans all over the state. This is something that the state can get behind as a whole. The same way we all know we have better corn than Nebraska, or how it’s customary to give someone an “ope” as you squeeze past them to get the ranch.

DMACC is proving several things with their recent athletics success, one thing is that there is so much more to root for than the traditional Iowa sports teams that most people give the sentiment of, ‘if they’re not playing *insert favorite team here* then I’ll root for them’. DMACC is performing at an incredibly high level and they have been doing it consistently for years now. 

Men’s basketball has carried over its success from last season into a consistent top five ranking so far this year. Women’s softball as well as both golf teams are ranked inside the top 10. Not to mention that women’s volleyball and basketball are also ranked nationally as well. 

This is something that every Iowan can cheer for if they were more aware of it. Iowans love seeing other Iowans succeed, it’s one of the nice things about Iowans. So why not continue to share that love and support for DMACC as they continue to build an athletic legacy here in Iowa? It doesn’t have the same massive draws of a NY6 bowl game or a March Madness run, but we as a state can easily boost our homegrown talent to the country with the same support we give to the larger universities in the state.

The other thing that this success is proving is showing how athletes in Iowa continue to be underrated. Consistent success from DMACC’s athletics programs with talent mostly made up from Iowans goes to show that we have some great in state talent. Without the draw of a larger university, you have to be able to build success from within, and that is exactly what DMACC has been doing, and it has been working. A quick glance at any of the rosters from our currently ranked programs and you will find a common theme — Iowans.

Athletes in Iowa tend to get overlooked or undervalued in part because they’re from Iowa. If you put players side-by-side with similar stats, and said one of them was from Florida and one of them was from Iowa, odds are your general sports fan would tell you that the player from Florida is better. DMACC is gradually proving that stereotype wrong and it’s a beautiful thing to see. 

A massive shoutout is in order to the Athletics Department here at DMACC and the job they’ve done to create such widespread success. It’s one thing to build a school’s athletic reputation normally which they have been doing for several years now but to continue that growth during a global pandemic is something worth celebrating.

Next time you have the chance to support the bears, do so! Buy a t-shirt and when it’s safe to, take your kids or some friends to a game and make a night out of it. Celebrate the victories and mourn the losses. Let’s get behind these programs as a fanbase that each team at this school deserves.