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admin August 25, 2021

Layk Nollen

Editor & Chief

Hello there! I am back for another year as Editor & Chief, sadly for all of you. This is my third year at DMACC, and I’m excited to be back on campus like everyone else. However, I am sad that I have to wear regular clothes to class instead of my pajamas like I did last year. I’m still passionate about cemeteries, genealogy and coffee, but I’m not passionate about waking up early. This will be my last year here, and I plan on making it a great one!

Hailey Clubine

Social Media Coordinator:

Salutations peoples of the interwebs! My name is Hailey Clubine, I’m 19, and this is my second year as the Social Media Coordinator for Banner News. I love reading and writing, and my taste in literature has little to no limitations. I love lore and mythology, and cultures outside and inside of America fascinate me to little to no end. I speak a bit of Spanish and French, and I want to travel the world. Money is still a main subject of issue, but, “Adventure is out there!”

Camry Jones

Video Production Coordinator 

Back for another year, hopefully covid free, here at DMACC! Hi everybody, my name is Camry Jones, and I am not just a basketball player anymore, I am part of the Banner News team this year. I am originally from Milford, Iowa, where I graduated from Okoboji High. If you were to ask any of my teachers where to find me, it was the Digital Media Room! I have a background with broadcasting and video production as we had our own news broadcast called Boji Student News. I am hoping to pursue a career in Video Production and Sports marketing, and Banner News will help me develop my skills to reach that goal. Here at Banner, I hope to bring my knowledge of digital media and editing to the table to further the success of the student-led news! I can not wait to work alongside the talented students in my class and the influential teachers here at DMACC.

Rachel Bennett


Hi everyone, welcome back to school! Life hasn’t been normal for a while, so this is our chance to make the best of this year. This is my first year on Banner, and I’m excited to see what adventures await me. I live in Ames and this will be my third year attending DMACC, but first at Boone. I am a CNA and work in the skilled nursing wing of a nursing home. I love helping people and plan to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. I’m always up for a challenge and look forward to learning many new things about the world. I’ve been involved in a bit of journalism in the past, but hope to learn much more. I’ve also taken six semesters of photography and hope to capture some great shots! The ever-amazing English teacher, Amy Prochaska is my mom, so I’ve always been submerged in a world of curiosity and learning. I’m very excited to be a part of Banner and expand all of our knowledge!

Alex Loew

Sports Analyst

Hello everyone, my name is Alex Loew. This is my first year in the journalism program, and I am very excited to start with this new major. I am from Carroll, Iowa, where I graduated from Carroll High School. I have an older brother, younger twin brothers, and a sister who is the youngest. I played many sports throughout high school including baseball, basketball, track, and football. I have experience with media production from high school. I was a part of Tiger Vision which is a large prestigious media production company run by the students at Carroll High. During my time in Tiger Vision, I did a lot of sports broadcasting and sports writing. The two sports I mainly covered for Tiger Vision were volleyball and both boys and girls basketball. I also spent last fall season covering football for Carroll Broadcasting. I am very excited to get to work, and I hope that I can use my skills to help make Banner News bigger and better!