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Rachel Bennett September 24, 2021

Throughout COVID-19, I have watched more Netflix than ever, and so have around 7 million more people. In 2019, there were 67.6 million Netflix users in the US and Canada, and that number jumped to 74.38 in 2021. In other words, we’ve all gone through tons of shows. It’s frustrating to finish a series and not know what to watch next. After extensive research, here is a list of some great shows you might not know about. 


  • Clickbait– Father and husband Nick Brewer is kidnapped, and his loved ones search for him and his abductors. Time is against them, as a YouTube video states once it reaches five million views, he will be executed.
  • Money Heist– A team of thieves is put together by the Professor, and they attempt to take over and run the Bank of Spain.
  • Call the Midwife— In the East End of London, a close group of nuns and nurses live in the Nonnatus House, while providing medical and midwifery assistance for those in their community.
  • Ratched– Nurse Mildred Ratched travels to Northern California to apply for a job at one of the leading psychiatric hospitals. Many new and dangerous experiments start to take place and secrets get revealed.
  • Dark– Once a child goes missing in Winden, a town in Germany, secrets that span four generations start to unravel. Their families finally start to understand the past– and future.
  • Wild Wild Country– The people of the Rajneeshpuram community travel to Wasco Country, Oregon to build their exclusive community. There are many aspects of their belief system that others around their community do not accept.


  • Chicago Party Aunt– Diane is an extroverted and adventurous aunt and gives her nephew worldly advice while avoiding her own responsibilities.
  • The Midnight Gospel– This podcast-like show mimics an interview and an animated show at the same time. The dialogue is from the creator’s podcast, and the animated world emerges from the words.


  • Gilmore Girls– Single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory make their mark everywhere they go. The show follows them throughout all of their adventures and mishaps.
  • Sex Education– Otis, a high schooler with a sex therapist for a mom, starts to give advice to help his fellow peers through their journies of sexual awakening.
  • Atypical– This series follows a high school boy with autism and shows viewers the daily struggle of not being neurotypical.

Remember, Netflix will occasionally rotate out some shows. Sadly, these aren’t all guaranteed to be available.