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Camry Jones November 17, 2021

DMACC is developing a new branch of work-study, called the Student Ambassador program. 

“When starting the Student Ambassador Program, we had many goals in mind for Boone Campus,” said Cameron Johnson, Head of the Student Ambassador Program. 

The main goal of the program is to improve the student-to-student connection on the prospective students visit on campus. Instead of having an advisor show a prospect the campus, a current student would make the visit more comfortable. This allows the ambassador to show the prospect the campus on all levels and be ready to answer any possible questions there might be. 

This program isn’t just a great benefit to the prospective students, but to the current students as well. The Student Ambassador Program can look great on a future resume or when applying for a transfer program. It will also give the student the opportunity to prepare for the professional setting of the workforce.

When a current student applies to be a part of the program, they are taught how to give a professional tour of the campus and all of the amenities. This includes the academic and athletic side as well as campus housing. An ambassador is equipped with a lot of information about the school that can then be used to answer any questions the prospective student may have. As well as showing those students around, an ambassador also will work in the Front Office. This program provides a great experience in a professional work setting helping with jobs around campus.

For any further questions about how to get involved with the Student Ambassador Program, contact Cam Johnson

To apply, go to