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admin September 21, 2017

Welcome to our coverage of Constitution Day 2017 at DMACC/Boone on Sept. 18. Events included soapbox speeches, free press pastries and pocket Constitutions, and a keynote speech by former Iowa Supreme Court Justice Michael Streit. In this video, Julie Roosa, journalism professor, introduces the soapbox speeches.

In this video, DMACC student Mary Rowan gives her soapbox speech.


In this video, DMACC student Darrell Howard gives his soapbox speech.

In this video, former Iowa Supreme Court Justice Michael Streit delivers the keynote address.


Student talks baseball on soapbox

By Kolton Scherbenske

Something I am passionate about is the game of baseball, but it’s more than just a game. There’s something about the atmosphere of each ballpark, whether it’s the field, a unique stadium, or a beautiful backdrop filled with mountains. Each ballpark has its own unique feel to it.

Another reason I am so passionate about baseball is how you can escape from reality. When you step in between the lines, nothing else in the world matters except that next pitch, so lock in. In baseball, there is no clock for the time to expire, it’s you versus the other man for twenty-seven outs. Baseball is a game of failure, and being mentally strong is as important as being physically strong. if things aren’t going your way, so what, next pitch!

The relationships and memories that you make with your brothers while striving to win championships will be with you forever. All of these reasons are why I am so passionate about baseball.

OTHER SOAPBOX TOPICS INCLUDED: Free speech, the benefits of community college, the challenge and success of being a single mom and self-improvement, be happy with yourself, speak out against animal abuse, give 100 percent, don’t be a bystander when it comes to bullying, dress code pro/con, cell phone pro/con, public speaking pro/con