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Edward Kivlahan March 5, 2018

Over the weekend, “Exit, Who?” was performed by Kay Mueller’s cast of students. It was a mysterious and fun adventure filled with spying, surprises, and small clues with big impact. The audience was of reasonable size and each night was a special experience.

The Cast


  • Dustin Reis – Col. Wilfred Wooster
  • Rachel Lease – Crane Hammond
  • Edward Kivlahan – Agent Joel Dover
  • Josie Clark – Kate Bixley
  • Zaccary Cue – Vernon Cookley
  • Lyza Cue – Jewel Perkins
  • Ainsley Schuler – Lydia Scott
  • Addison Holderman – Cyrus D. Conway
  • Kearra Chester – Mabel



It takes place in the 1980s; Crane and the Colonel enter the house, both unaware of each other. The senile colonel has come to the wrong house, and Crane came to this rental a day early. This is realized, and they both have inadvertently involved themselves in a plot that could shape the world to come. Soon it is realized that Agent Dover is there at the house to catch a spy who lives in the village under deep cover. The spy is going to be at the house at midnight, and they’ll be collecting plans that have enough key information to end the cold war. Unfortunately, Crane’s secretary (Kate) hits Agent Dover with a door and gives him amnesia. They try to bring his memory back but midnight is closing in fast. The sheriff (Vernon) shows up randomly, and so does Lydia, but as time starts running out each visitor looks more and more suspicious. Cyrus and Jewel and the Colonel are among the list of suspects, as is the whole village, until midnight finally comes. When the lone spy is supposed to arrive, instead most of the village shows up. Crane tests the crowd and figures out the exact identity of the spy. The spy is someone who knows everything that happens, who runs the village switchboard, who is noticeably absent from her usual role. After announcing the spy, Mabel walks in with revolver in hand. She holds up the room to get the plans, but the colonel knocks her out by accident. In the end, Vernon was the one who had them by accident and it ended with the spy being under arrest and the world being safe.


The Reception and Community


I asked as many people as possible what they thought, and their comments all reflected their enjoyment. “Very good, fun to watch” and “Kept me guessing” were common responses. Some in attendance were among other theatre departments such as the Boone Community Theatre and the Boone High School’s Toreador Theatre.


The Community


The Boone Community Theatre has an upcoming Open Mic on Saturday, March 17th with each act needing to sign up between 6 and 7 pm. Entering an act costs $2 and the event is also a potluck. There will also be performances of The Dining Room in April and Monty Python’s Spamalot in June. for more information on BCT, go to The High School’s production of Almost Maine has not yet been announced in regard to its performances, but is likely to be in early April.




Being in this semester’s production was really fun and I encourage anyone to try out for the fall show. We can find a place for about everyone, even if you’re not interested in being on stage. The theatre is a welcoming community and all roles are valued. If you have any questions you can email me at or you can email our director at Thank you for your time and have a nice day!