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Mario Chothen March 15, 2018

cbs sports 2018

It’s the time of the year when friends, family, and co workers come together for one purpose….. MARCH MADNESS!!! 64 teams enter only one team will be crowned the National Champion. The NCAA Tournament is played over the next two weeks and will conclude April 2nd in San Antonio. This article isn’t about that. This article is about Bracketology. Yes, millions upon millions of friends, families, and coworkers go to ESPN or CBS print off a bracket and stay glued to the TV hoping the team they chose wins it all. It’s the most exciting two weeks in sports. Upsets make the tournament must see TV. Almost every year a mid major(small school) shocks the world by slaying a giant(North Carolina,Duke,Kansas). Since 1985 there has been 151 instance that a seed 11 or higher has beaten a seed 6 or higher in round 1. In Rounds 2 there’s been 41 lower seeds that have upset higher seeds. Round 3 there’s has been 8 seed’s ranked 11 or higher to win a Sweet Sixteen game. Three 11 seeds have won Elite Eight games and one 10 seed has advanced to the Final Four. It’s why we love this game! Nothing is guaranteed in the tournament, there’s no do overs you lose you go home. When it comes to Brackets no one that I have ever met has filled out a perfect sheet. Jeffrey Bergen, a professor of mathematics at DePaul University, has been crunching numbers on the topic for years. And they don’t look good. Bergen says that the chances of someone filling out a perfect bracket is 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. That’s one in more than nine quintillion. “So you’re saying there’s a chance?” Is the mentality of every die hard who does the tournament challenge every year. We all want to be that ONE who gets it right. March Madness is the best and most stressful sporting event in the States, and with the way this year’s tournament setup we will have another heart racing college post season.