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Edward Kivlahan March 28, 2018

Over the weekend, the Boone High School’s Toreador Theatre performed Almost, Maine. The production follows nine pairings of romantically-challenged individuals all living in the nearest town to the canadian border: Almost, Maine. The show featured nine vignettes to show the stories of each of the couples and their stories. From bleak outlook to overt innuendo, it showed a variety of ways love can come together or fall apart.

The show was visually impressive, with the lighting and set having visible insight and detail. The set cabin was painted by Jackson Smith and the head of lighting was Abbi Lumley, and their work added greatly to the production value. The show overall was of good quality, as all of the actors expanded on their pre-established skill to provide a stronger performance in a venue that normally has more actors on stage at a time.

Almost, Maine is one of the most performed productions in the nation, and Boone High did it justice during its shows on Friday and Sunday. The Saturday performance was cancelled due to weather. Each show ended with enthusiastic applause from the audience, and the upcoming show in the fall, a musical, is going to be well anticipated.