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Mario Chothen March 30, 2018
Stephon Clark was a 22 year old father of two young boys, ages 1 and 3. Young boys who will grow up fatherless, because he was shot to death by the police on
March 18th. Clark was believed to have been vandalizing cars. The police confronted him in his own backyard, mistook his cell phone for a gun and shot 20 bullets in his direction. Here’s what been determined so far:It’s unclear how many of the 20 shot hit Clark

They’re unsure if it was even Clark who was vandalizing the cars

It’s unclear where the shot hit Clark

The cops who shot him waited 6 minutes after shooting him to perform C.P.R.

Black Lives Matter has been protesting his execution for the past week

Another unarmed black man killed because he was suspected to have a gun. How many more black men need to be killed before a change happens. Why is it ok for the police, to kill whenever they feel like it? They shot at him 20 times? It was two cops couldn’t they had overpowered one man. Cops have tasers, mace, and nights sticks. So why, did this man have to die. I get told all the time not to jump to conclusions. My response to that; Don’t you think those cops jumped to conclusions when they shot him to death, instead of just detaining him. I read an article titled Black Men: An Endangered Species I disagree with the theme. Black men can’t be an endangered species. Mainly because endangered species are protected by the government.