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Ainsley Schuler April 6, 2018

The midterm elections are coming up in Iowa. With the Primaries in June, and the General in November. With these elections coming up, it is time for Iowans to be aware of the candidates and their policies, that way voters will be more informed.

To be a responsible citizen, register to vote in the Courter Center on the Boone DMACC Campus. Registration begins at 11:30 on April 11, 2018. Registration ends at 1:00. The Social Justice Club will be helping League of Women Voters on that day.

Over the last few years there have been groups that are making the action of voting more difficult, with the times being decreased and locations controlled, and registrations more difficult. Due to the changes, many people have given up on voting, thinking that their vote wouldn’t make a difference anyway.

The idea that one vote won’t make a difference is not true. An example of this is elections where the votes came in really close with each other. In 2013 during an election in Virginia, one of the candidates was leading by only 117 votes (Adam Wollner from NPR). In such a situation as that, one vote could really go a long way.

It is a constitutional right for everyone 18 and older to be able to vote. That right gives the people the chance to be able to make a difference, and if people don’t take advantage of the right, nothing will change.

It is important to vote because when people vote, they are raising their voices allowing for the government and the person’s officials to hear them so they will take their opinion into account.