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Ainsley Schuler April 25, 2018

Be aware! Someone with a confirmed case of measles traveled to Des Moines and Ankeny and possibly spread the measles. Due to this outbreak it is important that students check their health records and make sure to be current on immunizations.

The symptoms for measles are fever, cough, red or pink eyes, runny nose and/or a rash. The restaurants where the outbreak occured are the Hardees (not the drive thru) at 3621 Merle Hay Rd. in Des Moines on Friday, April 13 from 8:15 am to 11:45 am. Then on April 16 at Panera bread on 2310 SE Delaware Avenue in Ankeny, from 12:00-4:00pm.

If you were at any of these places during the times mentioned, it is too late to take any preventative measures. It is important to call your health providers and arrange a safe way to meet. Also, avoid any interactions with other people and inform them all to take caution and be aware of how they feel. Measles is an airborne illness and there is no treatment, so be cautious and avoid spreading the illness.  

Do not walk to the doctors office, the ER, any local health agencies or walk-in clinics unless you have called and made arrangements. Until arrangements have been made, stay home, and no not go into public areas.