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Xander Clubine February 2, 2019

College is a great experience that comes with a price. Most new students are learning what it’s like to be an adult―having to pay for tuition and books, get their own food, live on their own and pay rent, amongst other adult things. Being a college student can be rough, but colleges have resources, from the library to tutors to financial aid and more. But sometimes it seems that even the best resources are hidden from plain view, leaving students to struggle in their endeavors when they easily could be having it, well, easier.

Let’s start by talking about The Woods. No, not the woods―The Woods.

The Woods is a small food pantry for Boone DMACC students and faculty. Decked with cupboards, fridge, and microwave, The Woods is a place where people can take food free of charge or leave food for others. Located in a small nook in the Courter Center, it gives people who are short on cash the chance to eat.

Another resource is one that cannot be seen: DMACC Connections. DMACC Connections is a Facebook group started by the Fall 2017 Honor students for fellow students who are looking to buy or sell books, looking for carpooling, searching for roommates/apartments, and more. By joining this group you can receive or give help to fellow students and make college life easier.

The final tool is certainly a secret for those who don’t look hard enough. While it is common knowledge that colleges can rent out laptops, Boone DMACC also has the option of renting out hot spots. Whether your wifi at home isn’t working or if you have none at all, a hotspot will help students who need to put in time at home for homework, but are unable to. Hotspots can be checked out for one week with one renewal, and you can go to the Boone DMACC library for more information and guidelines.

While these prove to be incredibly handy, they are sometimes hidden from view―especially to those who are new students. It’s important to pass the word around and get resources such as these out there, where people who are struggling can get the help they need. So use these resources, and if you ever discover something that could help people, speak out. Let’s all help each other as we struggle to be college adults.