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Emily Moe March 29, 2019

As community college students, we are encouraged to be our very best and to pursue the things we desire.  One student here at the Boone Campus has demonstrated how that is possible.  Brand Damman has proven that it is possible to achieve great things from humble beginnings.

Brandt was homeschooled through high school, which means that he had no GPA for most of his classes when coming to DMACC, except what was provided by Ames High.  It can be very difficult to apply for college when the schools don’t accept your GPA and have to scrutinize your course list.  There are a lot of hoops to jump through just to get into community college, much less a four-year university.  However, Brandt persevered, and his efforts have been rewarded.  On March 4, he was given the All Iowa Academic Team Scholarship, which gives him access to a $2000 scholarship from select schools.  ON that same day, he also became a Coca-Cola Leadership Team member, which gives him in-state tuition at Iowa State for two years.  Shortly after he received these scholarships, he was offered, and accepted, an internship at the Fermi Labratory in Illinois.  Brandt demonstrates that no matter where you start, you can achieve great things if you are willing to put in hard work and improve in even your worst areas.

Nancy Woods also had a comment about Brandt, she states that “he embodies what is possible for community college students”.  She also says that he is a great example of what one can achieve if one is willing to step outside their comfort zone and work hard.  Brandt should be an example to everyone on the benefits of perseverance and how to achieve your goals, even when they seem impossible.