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Layk Nollen November 25, 2020

To say this has been a tough year is an understatement. However, people are still holding on with newfound (or old) hobbies, friends, and family. A survey was sent out last week to see what the bright spots and experiences of 2020 were for the staff, faculty and students of DMACC. 

Forty-three people responded in total. Twenty-four identified themselves as staff/faculty, and the other nineteen identified themselves as students. Out of this, 34% were under the age of twenty-five, 48% were between the ages of twenty-six and fifty-five, and 16% were fifty-six or older.

An even 38% said that this year has been an overall positive for them while 34% remained neutral, and 27% said this was an overall negative year.

A little over 68% of respondents said that they have changed their eating habits this year, and a rough 59% said that they have changed their sleeping habits. 

But what have people been doing in their free time? One person replied, “Spending time with friends and family,” with another simply said, “meditating.”

And what about hobbies? Some responded, “No, just doing the old ones more,” and “Renewed old ones.” And others said they have picked up a few new ones. Gardening, baking, decorating, reading, taking long walks, were all very common answers.

What have they done this year to make their lives better? One person said, “Reprioritizing life. Spending more time with family and friends and enjoying the world instead of rushing to obligations.”

 Another shared the same sentiment by saying, “Focusing more on the things that are important, such as quality time with family, and health, stress management, and self-care.”

Despite all the challenges, these responses show that the bright spots of 2020 still shine through the clouds.