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Layk Nollen December 7, 2020

Last month, a photo contest allowed students to submit photos that reflected their experience during COVID-19. The winners were chosen and announced during a virtual ceremony over zoom last week on Dec. 3. 

Coming in first place was Tyesha Jones, a student at the DMACC Ankeny Campus, who said, “Front step visitation with my Granny and Pappy. It’s a strange feeling knowing I haven’t hugged them since 2019.” 

In second place was Rachel Divingnzzo, a student at the DMACC West Campus, who said, “This is the first Blue Moon on Halloween 2020 since Halloween 1944. Incredible shot on a clear night.”

In third place was Stefanie Harper, an online DMACC student, who said, “I spent a lot of time sitting in the empty church playing my flute during the pandemic. The sunlight streaming in through the window really caught my attention on this particular day.”

Honorable Mention from People’s Choice Poll, Hannah Kolars, who said, “During quarantine I spent a lot of time at home. I got my cat within the last year and I found out I enjoy taking pictures of her. This is her in a laundry basket that she really likes to play with.”

Organized by DMACC Honors Capstone Seminar Students, Robert Ilunga, and Zeyd Sefer, the contest opened on Nov. 2 and closed on Nov. 20. After the top 10 finalists were chosen, a poll opened up for anyone to go and rate their favorite. Prizes included VISA gift cards for the top three. First ($50), second ($25) and third ($15) place.

Special thanks to Ilunga and Sefer for permission to publish.