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Camry Jones September 20, 2022

To know her is to love her and never wanting to lose her. Recently, part-time athletic trainer Samantha Busch has been hired full-time through DMACC, meaning all of her time will be spent on the Boone campus instead of other schools.

Sam spoke with Banner News in a recent interview about her new position and what it all entails.

 “I started with event coverage (only) in fall 2013. Then, I moved to a part-time position where I was on campus daily in the afternoons in fall 2015, and now I was hired full-time by DMACC in July 2022,” said Busch about her length of time here at DMACC during her previous position. Busch states that this new position will allow her to focus solely on DMACC student-athletes compared to splitting time with Ogden High School.

“I am excited to have morning openings for student-athletes to do all their rehab on campus. It’s my goal to keep as many injured athletes as possible doing rehab on campus with me rather than referring them out to other providers. I often referred rehabs out in the past due to time, space, and equipment constraints when it came to rehabbing injuries,” Busch stated. Busch enjoys how this position allows her to be flexible when it comes to the odd schedules of her student-athletes.

With the abundance of athletes that are on campus this year, Busch has a lot of athletes on her plate and in the training room at all times. Luckily, this semester she has a few helpers in the training room. She was able to put together programs with Drake University and Iowa State University to have master’s in athletic training students on the DMACC campus each semester. 

“This fall I have Alex Klosterman, a second-year master’s student from Drake, and I have Danny Amadio, a first-year master’s student from Iowa State. They’ve been a huge help so far this fall with getting more treatments done for our student-athletes, and they keep me on my toes by asking questions about what and why I’m doing,” said Busch. 

Alex and Danny have already been huge assets in the athletic department from doing concussion tests, rehabbing athletes, and also keeping with degrees at their respective schools. 

“I truly love the athletes and coaching staff. I’ve built great relationships with all my coaches, and it helps when their athletes know they trust me. Overall, the athletes are my favorite part of DMACC,” said Busch. “I’ve made some lifelong friendships with some of our student-athletes, and it makes me love my job that much more!”