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Xavior Rojas February 8, 2019

Recently I was given the assignment of giving up all forms of technology and taking in the experience that came with that. Long story short it was as boring as it sounds, but I did learn and do quite a bit during that time. Why has technology become so interwoven into our lives that we are bound to our devices?

In the 12 hours we were given, I read a bit of “The Odyssey”, cleaned my room and bathroom and even finally met one of my roomates after about a month of living here. It’s pretty awesome thinking about how much we can do and experience when were off of our phones, our TV’s and computers that it almost makes you think: “Why don’t I do these things more often?” and there is a reason for that. Technology has made our lives some much easier, the day to day things like doing homework, or just work, finding out what’s going on in the world and other stuff like that so convenient that we don’t even think about whipping our phones out, we just do it.

It’s almost like our hands don’t feel right unless our phone is in them. They allow us to communicate with each other without actually being face to face. It’s easy, yeah, but it’s not real and that’s the problem. People are starting to prefer facetiming, or texting, or calling someone rather than actually seeing them in person and having an actual conversation.

Maybe we should all take this as a sign to get away from technology for a while and go see the world and the people in it. Go do something outside when it gets warmer cause the weather here is wack currently.