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admin January 25, 2021

Editor and Chief:

Hello again! It’s me, Layk. Your Editor and Chief for the Banner News! What’s new with me? Well, this is my second year at DMACC, and now I have shorter hair. Genealogy is still my biggest passion, and this cold winter hasn’t stopped me from walking through cemeteries. I also just turned 21 this month, so I am officially the… second oldest on the team.

Social Media Coordinator:

Hello again peoples of the interwebs! I’m still Hailey Clubine, still 18, and still unsure how I’ve managed to survive this long. I’m shy and jumpy at best, and my interests still range from various animes and D&D, to Disney movies and cheesy shows. I love reading and writing, and my taste in literature still has little to no limitations. I love lore and mythology, and cultures outside and inside of America still fascinate me. I still want to travel the world, there’s so much out there. Money is still a main subject of issue, but once again: “Adventure is out there!”.

Director of Sports Entertainment:

Hello for the first time! My name is Cyote Williams and I’m the new Director of Sports Entertainment at Banner News. I’m 23 years old which makes me the resident “old head” of the staff. I’ve been a massive sports fan my entire life, which led to my passion for sports writing. Personalities like Stephen A. Smith and Stuart Scott have influenced me heavily throughout my life, so you can expect some hot takes along the way.