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Camry Jones October 15, 2021

The month of October is one of many stressful months when it comes to being a student. Worrying about what your midterm grades will look like, preparing for exams, and of course trying to figure out what to wear for Halloween. Squid Games player or Squid Games guard? I know, hard choice. On the other hand, preparing for midterm exams and projects can put so much stress on you as a student but there are a lot of ways you prevent or decrease it. 

Study guides. These have to be some of the most beneficial resources for studying for your exam. Study guides or review sheets are only going to help if you fill them out yourself and study them frequently. When you complete your study guide, don’t be afraid to contact your professor to proofread it to make sure the information you are retaining is correct.

Using these study guides, it’s crucial that you create a midterm study schedule. It may seem that your life consists of studying but you will spend less time cramming or long hours studying if you create a schedule. While planning your schedule, figure out what topics you need to study and then schedule them into a time where you can focus on just that topic. When planning what topics you will be studying at that time, collect any past worksheets or handouts that you may have acquired over the semester and group them according to the topic. Contact your professor on any material you may have missed. 

Having a good support system in place when preparing for exams is essential. Forming a study group or just having another individual to push you to study. These could be people who are in the same course as you or could also just be peers that want you to succeed. Creating flashcards or even a Quizlet would help you and your partner quiz each other on the material. 

Where you study and how you study are two key points in academic success. Here at DMACC, I suggest using the Academic Achievement Center to do your studying. It works great for small groups or individuals. The AAC does close at 8 PM Monday-Thursday and 4 PM on Fridays. With that, for students living on campus, the Honors Building (1309) has a computer lab and lounge that also works great for group or individual studying.