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Xavior Rojas April 15, 2019

On campus’ at the front office in the leftmost window is Sandi Johnson who has greeted almost every student who has attended DMACC’s Boone campus.

Due to her ongoing commitment to the students of DMACC, she recently received an award for working with DMACC for 50 years. Simply, she started when it was Boone Junior College–a year before it became part of DMACC.

Sandi grew up on a farm in the country near Sheldahl. When she was in 8th grade her family moved to the United Community school district. She went to Iowa State because she loved the look and feel of the city compared to the country; not to say she doesn’t like the country however, Ames was just a little more appealing in her eyes.

Sandi attended college at Iowa State for a year majoring in marketing before she came to work at Boone Junior College. She attended classes for two more years while working at the college.

She is very dedicated to her work.

“I like helping students”, she said. ”I like to see them being successful and accomplish their goals.” She said she wants to help students get to where they want to be academically, and she takes pride in doing so. Whether it be simple advice, or asking about scholarships Sandi is willing to help those who are looking for it.

Sandi’s favorite hobby is photography.  She mainly likes to take pictures of sporting events. She used to take photos for sports editor at the Boone Republican. Aside from photography she enjoys painting, drawing. She had even taken wedding photos before digital cameras were around.

“That makes me nervous” she said because she wasn’t able to see how the pictures turned out until it was too late to change them.

Although Sandi loves her job, she is a little upset at how technology has severed some of the personal aspect of working. She likes to talk with students face to face and have an actual conversation as to how she can help, or at least to point them in the right direction.

February 28th is the day that Sandi had received her award for her outstanding dedication to her work and the students. It was the spring induction ceremony where 63 students were accepted into the Phi Theta Kappa Tau Phi Chapter honors society. She was recognized by the national President and CEO for her 50 years of service to Phi Theta Kappa.

“I do eventually plan to retire, but I’m still not sure when.” Sandi although unsure of her time of retirement has a few things planned for when she eventually does. She wants to continue supporting the college by showing up to events and games. She also plans on volunteering at youth centers and keep up on her passion for photography.